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Movon-MDAS driving assistance systems

The collision warning system uses a monocular camera mounted on the windshield and a color image sensor with a robust algorithm developed by Movon for different driving conditions. Through the algorithm, the system recognizes images of vehicles and non-vehicles and calculates distances and relative speed of time to collision (TTC) and warns the driver with audible and visual warnings of the possibility of a collision.

MRV-21 / Radar & Vision system

Camera and radar sensors in one system.
The MRV-21 is the world's first integrated ADAS radar camera system that can be mounted behind a windshield. MRV-21 shows exceptional ability to detect vulnerable road users and accurate distance data even in adverse weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, sun glare and darkness. Video recording function.   More information

MDAS-9 / Premium PCW function

is a collision avoidance system. It is located inside the windscreen and provides audible and optical warnings to the driver in the event of imminent danger of collisions. There is also a video recording feature. This way you can also see what is happening to your fleet while driving.    More information

MDSM-7 / Monitoring driver fatigue

It is a camera-based sleep alert and driver warning device (DDAW). It detects distraction, drowsiness, yawning, phone use and smoking and warns the driver to prevent accidents. It can also record video with SD.n card, and can upload a live video image to the control center.   More information