Safety Solutions Developed for the Specific Needs of the  Waste Industry

We provides complete safety solutions for waste vehicles. Waste vehicles operate in confined and populated environments with an extreme amount of potential hazards. Over the past 5 years, the waste industry has suffered some of the highest casualty and property damage rates of any industry. The need for a safety solution that works is paramount. Where other technologies fail, PreView Radar sensors have been tested and proven to work–each and every time–reducing accidents and protecting the bottom line of our customers.  Blind zone safety starts with our patented pulsed radar. For most waste vehicles, one or more of  PreView Sentry radar sensor, combined with the  PreView Plus camera/monitor System for in-cab visual alerts will provide the best possible blind zone safety solution. Since each vehicle type has different needs, we recommend contacting one of our Safety Specialists to discuss the specific requirements of your vehicles.

Industrial Safety Case Studies / WASTE DISPOSAL / Honolulu Waste Service Company takes care of citizens' safety

Given these factors, the responsibility for traffic safety shifts to waste disposal drivers in Honolulu. To help drivers operate as safely as possible, the Honolulu Utility Company has decided to equip its vehicles with PreView cameras and radar systems .   Read more

Case studies for safety in industry / URBAN ENVIRONMENT / Safety in the invisible field of machines and vehicles in the maintenance industry

Through disaster reduction measures in invisible zones, utility companies are investing in this now and in the future. Return on investment (ROI) with security technology is high. When you add the direct, indirect and intangible costs that arise when a collision avoidance safety system is not in place it is easy to see why investing in long-term safety technology .  Read more