Improving safety in global brands of new vehicles and machinery

We are a trusted supplier to manufacturers of vehicles, machinery and upgrades with a present in the field of heavy industry worldwide.
We create the leading global safety standard in the field of collision avoidance of heavy vehicles and machines, we supply flexible and robust safety systems that improve the quality of the offer of vehicles and machines in the field of Advanced Assistance Systems.The products comply with REGULATION (EU) 2019/2144, which introduces 2022 Advanced Vehicle Systems for all vehicle categories and Special requirements for buses and lorries.Vehicles of categories M₂, M₃, N₂ and N₃ must be equipped with advanced systems for detecting pedestrians and cyclists in the immediate vicinity of the front or side of the vehicle and for warning or preventing collisions with such exposed road users:

  • B5 Pedestrian and cyclist collision warning
  • B6 Blind Angle Information System
  • B7 Detection-detection systems, reversing
With our full range of safety products and systems and the ability to Integrate via CAN with existing systems such as Telematics, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Vehicle Technology and other existing and in the development of safety technology we continue the path of a leading company in safety technology innovation collision prevention in industry ... Read more