Engineers and software developers have created flexible solutions that allow our safety products to seamlessly integrate with these existing systems, creating unparalleled compatibility and versatility, and greatly enhancing overall safety effectiveness. With the ability to integrate with existing systems, customers benefit from the flexibility our technology provides.



Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have been adopted by leading companies in the automotive and trucking industries, and in some cases have been mandated by regulatory policy. These systems increase driver safety and road safety through the use of technology such as active braking, adaptive speed control, and other vehicle control enhancements.

Products have the flexibility and adaptability to integrate with ADAS systems, providing accurate blind spot monitoring to enhance the effectiveness of ADAS systems. With intelligent radar that supports industry standard communication links like Can-bus (SAE 1939), we can integrate into ADAS.



Vehicle Telematics are often used to relay important data in near-real-time from the vehicle to operational applications. Vehicle location, operating conditions, and data from ‘on-board’ systems can be relayed via Telematics. Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to provide vehicle location time stamped with the Telematics data.

Electronics recognizes the need to track operator efficiency and performance through the use of advanced Telematics systems and can integrate our object detection data into these systems. For example, data associated with near misses can be transmitted with location and time.



Camera/monitor systems are standard in both automotive and heavy-duty industries. The automotive industry has now fully adopted collision avoidance systems, including radar and sonar technologies. However, in Heavy-Duty vehicle industries, a more robust system is required–one that can withstand temperature extremes, dirt, mud, snow, ice and rain, heavy impacts from rocks and debris, and vehicle vibration and shock.

Safety products go through exhaustive testing to ensure that our products are the most rugged and reliable on the market. Understanding that camera/monitor systems are only part of the Safety system, engineers have developed active systems that fully integrate with existing visual technologies.



We invented, designed, and patented the World’s first electronic Backup Alarm in 1967. We know and understand the importance of these alarms. The evolution of safety systems has spawned from this technology; from backup beepers in cars to camera/monitor systems, to active radar that works with ‘smart’ technologies such as Telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

The new line of safety radars can be integrated with existing alarms to provide external warnings to people in the blind zones of a vehicle, giving them the opportunity to move away from these potentially dangerous situations.