Special solutions for all types of applications in the industry

Intervention fire trucks perform safer work using PreView Radar Sensors and the Preview Plus camera / monitor system. Vehicles and special work vehicles for the maintenance of motorway equipment and the implementation of emergency regimes. Agro production companies use radars and cameras on their work vehicles and other heavy agricultural machinery, which provides additional operational safety for employees and the surrounding area.Radars are involved in the manipulation of airports at all levels of equipment - security and transport. Protection of the dangerous working area of machines and special machines and devices - e.g. drilling machines for earth holes.There are almost no restrictions on the use of our products due to the flexibility and ability to integrate with existing systems, technologies and vehicles.

Industrial safety case studies / WOOD INDUSTRY / Pulp and paper company installs building detection systems

Once the world’s leading lumberjack identified the cost of repairing a collision between a front loader and a truck, they began looking for a way to prevent such accidents. They searched for an industrial solution and found the Radar Preview System ... Read more

Industrial safety case studies / AIRPORT EFFICIENCY / Integration of PreView radar into vehicle airport braking systems

The lead engineer pondered how to stop the truck at the airport automatically so as not to hit the plane. After some careful research, he decided to integrate the braking system and the PreView Radar object detection radar system to meet the security needs ... Read more

Industrial safety case studies / COLLISION AVOIDANCE TECHNOLOGY / Intelligent collision avoidance technology integrated with telematics

Sperling needed something more sensitive than the mechanical stop rod used to ensure the 40t of the machine was stopped in time and to prevent collisions. By replacing this mechanical device with the Radar Preview Sentry, the company has improved its ability to protect people and machines - and the maintenance work team can operate at full steam ... Read more