Provide a safer working environment for persons and operators responsible for the operation of vehicles and heavy machinery throughout the industry.
Detection of persons,objects based on radar technology and operating reliably in the most demanding conditions provides an uncompromising active security solution

Our propose 

Due to their size and complexity, commercial vehicles and mobile work machines increase safety risks for drivers, vehicles and the environment. The consequences are often inefficient processes and the worst cases - accidents, which lead to higher costs of machine and employee failures, repairs and insurance. by reducing or eliminating the occurrence of collisions, ensuring the reduction of vehicle and machine congestion, improving workplace efficiency, increasing brand integrity, saving money, keeping people and property in the vicinity of heavy equipment safely and without harm to avoid these dangers from the very beginning with professional advice and the use of our products.


We offer Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), with radar and vision technology - products that ensure the detection of people and objects in the invisible area of ​​the vehicle or machine and reduce the risk of accidents, despite bad weather and other extreme conditions. This is made possible by the latest generation of radar sensors in conjunction with a stand-alone display or camera monitor.
 Radar electronics d.o.o. is a distributor for SE Europe:
-PreView Radar System, Advance Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) manufactured and tested by Preco Electronics -Idaho -US Sensata Technologies, creating a leading global safety standard in the field of collision avoidance for heavy vehicles and machinery in accordance with new standards and the EU Regulation on as regards their general safety and the protection of vehicle occupants and vulnerable road users.
-MOVON (MDAS),Advance Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) developed with state-of-the-art computer image processing technologies with support for radar technology for a safe and comfortable driving environment. RADAR Vision Fusion algorithm and driver drowsiness and attention warning system, developed and manufactured by MOVON Co Korea.


PreView Sentry® sensor

The most flexible, accurate and powerful solution that meets the new road safety regulations for the protection requirements of exposed road users at the front of the vehicle and reversing.   More information

PreView Side Defender  ® II sensor

PreView Side Defender® II is the most advanced side detection facility developed specifically for road truck operators and drivers in urban areas in accordance with the New EU Regulation and the applicable EU Approval.                               More information 

PreView Sentry X  ® sensor

A product with a narrower field of view designed to support all the same Xtreme installation points. Sentry®X - a global standard for monitoring blind spots on heavy mobile equipment operating in the toughest environments. More information 


Camera and radar sensors in one system.
MRV-21 shows exceptional ability to detect vulnerable road users and accurate distance data even in adverse weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain, glare and darkness. Video recording function by uploading an image to the control center . More information

MDSM-7, Monitoring FatigueI

Is a sleep alert device and the driver's attention,
which is based on camera (DDAW). Detects distraction, drowsiness, yawning, phone use and smoking and warns the driver to prevent an accident. Video recording function by uploading an image to the control center .                                         More information