MRV-21    Radar & Vision fuzijski sistem ADAS



-FCWico_fcw 1pngForward Collision Warning (FCW) Collision Warning
Provides a warning to the driver in critical situations when there is a possibility of a collision with the vehicle in front of him. Night stable operation of FCW- in complete darkness, and all other light and weather conditions. Heavy rain and fog - consistent FCW performance even in heavy rain, heavy snow and dense fog Excellent motorcycle detection and tracking capabilities.
-PCWico_pcwpngPedestrian Collision Warning (PCW) Pedestrian Collision Warning Provides a warning to the driver in critical situations when a pedestrian-cyclist is driving in the direction of travel.
-LDWico_ldwpngLane DepartureWarning (LDW) Lane Departure Warning Provides a warning to the driver when a vehicle inadvertently leaves the lane.
- SLRS peed Limit Recognition (SLR) (Optional) Speed ​​limit recognition Recognizes speed limit signs and provides speed limit warnings
-SDA Safety Distance Alarm (SDA) A safety distance alarm to maintain a safe distance with the front vehicle warns the driver.
-FPWico_fpw 1pngForward Proximity Warning (FWP) Proximity Warning at. in front, warns the driver that something is in its intended path.
-FVSAico_fvsapngFront Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA) Starting Alarm
Notify the driver if the front vehicle has started to move forward from speed 0 (status completely stopped) and the host vehicle is not moving within 2 seconds.
-DVRico_dvrpngHD Dual Digital Video Recording (DVR) HDDigital video recording - parking is not supported. He shoots scenes before and after the accident along with direct accidents. The DVR function records data to a micro SD card every minute in a loop.
File name format: 20150601_063903_N (Datum_Time_Type)
1.Normal mode: record videos regularly. File name: _N / Location: ory_rec
2. Event Mode: When the gravitational force sensor detects the event. (Filename: _E / Location: evt_rec)
3. User mode: Records before and after pressing the center button. (Filename: _U / Location: usr_rec)
4. The MRV-21 viewer works normally on computers with 2GHzCPUin2GB RAM 5. Total number of recording hours (approx.): 16GB / 4h, 32GB / 8h, 64GB / 15h

Camera and radar sensors in one system

The Fusion algorithm provides the system with the most accurate data. A safe solution for all weather conditions, such as direct sunlight, night, heavy rain, snow, dust, fog.

Technical specifications :
- CPE: quad-core Coretex A7
- Camera: 1280 ⅹ720 (HD) Size: 94ⅹ64ⅹ25.2 mm
- Radar sensor RF: 76 ~ 77 GHz
- Size: 61ⅹ64ⅹ25.2 mm
- Power: DC 10 ~ 36V
- Input / Output: Micro 5PIN USB port
- Card slot: Micro SD, GPS port,
- Communications: CAN GPIO, RS-232, CVBS Video output
- Sound: Built-in speaker
- Temperature: Operations -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ Storage -30 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ (-


The radar system is installed in the cabin per minute. Simply mount the camera and radar on the vehicle's windshield. The automatic calibration function shortens the calibration time of the unit. Available for all types of vehicles and work machines, such as cars, trucks, vans and buses.

Surveillance camera operation - options:

Continuous Loop Recording: Continuous HD recording.
Event mode: only events are recorded.
User mode: Recording is switched on by the user
Viewer: allows you to view images with detected ADAS data (MP4 file)

FMS ready solution

Easy to integrate with the fleet management platform via RS-232 or CAN. Data saving protocols reduce data format and reduce telecommunication costs. Download videos, recordings and various data.