Do you already have a camera monitor system?

Convert your existing passive security monitoring system into an active security system.PreView VideoLink provides intelligent technology to connect existing surveillance systems to Preview Radar. Adding technological detection of people and radar-based objects to your invisible zone reduction system provides an uncompromising security solution.This intelligent technology allows easy integration of the Preview patented pulsed radar sensor with the existing camera system, allowing operators to view even a single point in the invisible zone.

Technical features:

  • There are indicators on the monitor - signs, detentions
  • When an object is detected, the operator receives an audible warning to check the visual state of the situation
  • Indicators show the proximity of the object to the vehicle
  • Connector: Deutsche DTM13 series
  • Sealing: Radial flange seal for protection against dust and moisture
  • Dimensions: 13.0 cm x 11.8 cm x 3.6 cm
  • Operating temperature: -40oC to + 85oC
  • Vibration: 25G RMS all three axes
  • Impacts: 25G all three axes
  • Input voltage: 9-33VDC, protected against voltage up to 150V
  • Input current: maximum operation 0.2 amp, on 1A
  • Power connector: Available via sensor connector
  • Communication: CAN 2.0B, 250 KB / s
  • Protocol: SAE J1939 Extended / PrecoNE