PREVIEW RADAR BLIND SPOT MONITORING    Rugged, reliable object detection technology 

5 years


Sentry accurately identifies the location and velocity of up to 16 people or objects simultaneously and is designed to withstand the harsh environments encountered by heavy-duty equipment. With built-in fail safe alerts that notify the operator of radar blockage or communication issues, operators and fleet managers can be sure that they are working with the most reliable object detection system available...Read more


PreView Side Defender, the industry’s most advanced side collision avoidance solution, has been developed specifically for the over-the-road (OTR) markets including trucking, municipalities, waste and recycling.The Side Defender system actively warns operators with audible and visual alerts, in order for them to take the appropriate actions to mitigate collisions. Additionally, it has the ability to integrate with telematics applications, vehicle control systems, vision systems or other sensors using industry standard communications...Read more


Engineering team developed PreView WorkSight for vehicles that require full blind spot coverage. With its dual antennas, the sensor protects objects very close to the bumper and up to 20’ behind the vehicle. PreView WorkSight will work as a single sensor system for rear coverage and can also be networked together to provide both front and rear blind spot coverage for larger vehicles...Read more


PreView Wireless WorkSight  is patented radar technology to detect objects in an operator’s blind spot and reduce backing accidents. If something is detected, the operator receives an audible and visual active warning in the cab, giving them time to react and avoid an accident. By eliminating the need to install cables through the truck body, PreView Wireless WorkSight reduces installation time by more than half, while still providing the best blind spot detection protection available...Read more


We developed the optimal proximity detection system for vehicles that need to easily transition from a busy worksite to a narrow neighborhood street or alley. Engineered for light- to medium-weight work trucks, PreView WorkZone is ideal for vehicles that require close-in, corner-to-corner blind spot protection. With its specialized blind spot detection zone, PreView WorkZone reduces false alarms and provides operators with a consistent, active alert to help prevent a backing accident...Read more


Developed specifically for the harsh environments found in the mining industry, PreView Xtreme provides consistent blind spot coverage up to 32 ft / 10 m. Utilizing Radar Electronics patented radar technology, the collision mitigation system maintains consistent object detection through inclement weather and other extreme conditions. PreView Xtreme can also be networked together with a single in-cab display to provide approximate 360° coverage, further aiding in the prevention of mining blind spot accidents...Read more

Adding a camera and monitor to our radar systems increases the efficiency and productivity of your vehicle operators.
Instead of having to leave the vehicle-machine when an object is detected, the operator can simply look at the monitor to see what is in the invisible zone of the vehicle-machine. Add Object Detection to Your Vision System .....  READ MORE  -  CAMERA MONITOR  SYSTEM  

Already have a vision system?

Turn your existing camera monitor system into an active safety system.

PreView VideoLink provides the intelligent technology to connect existing camera monitor systems to Radar Electronics radar. Adding radar-based object detection technology to your blind spot reduction system ensures an uncompromising safety solution...... READ MORE  - PREVIEW VIDEOLINK