PreView VISION - Monitor, Camera System

Did you know that camera surveillance systems are classified as “passive security technologies”? Passive safety technology requires the involvement of the operator to be successful. That makes sense doesn't it? Your monitor will not automatically alert you to a person or object that is in the direction of your movement - on your way. The operator must look at the monitor to see that person or object. By combining Preview Camera Monitor systems with pre-active PreView Radar Security Systems for detecting persons and objects, we provide operators with "Active Safety Technology" or Advanced Assistance Systems to help the driver, equipment with active alerts (the operator will be warned that the system does not require his participation). that a possible collision with persons or objects can be prevented.This is what we wanted to achieve at Radar Electronics - two protections in one and what the new EU Regulation on the homologation of trucks and buses in 2022 introduces.



By connecting the radar sensor to the PreView Plus monitor-camera system, operators are equipped with a unique system solution for active detection of people and objects in the invisible zone, including the current visual warning-explanation and audible warning.


The rugged 5 "monitor is water-resistant and can support three cameras. The monitor can be switched between all three camera views when changing direction or reversing.


A simple monitor is best suited for indoor use. Great for motor vehicles, fleet of vehicles that do not require a weatherproof outer casing.

PreView HD CAM

The Preview HD camera operates in low light and has a built-in heater for operation in the most difficult conditions, so that the weather conditions do not affect the operation.


With three display options - 120 ° / 150 ° / 180 ° - this compact camera makes it easy to cover a 360-degree invisible area

Already have a Camera Monitor System?

Change the existing passive Monitor system to an active security system. PreView VideoLink provides intelligent technology for connecting existing camera-monitor systems with Preview Radar Sensors. The addition of radar-based face and object recognition technology, which works reliably in the most demanding conditions, provides an uncompromising security solution.